ED “Vila Zora”

Environmental association “Vila Zora” Veles is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, dedicated to protecting the environment. Main activities include: education, protection, prevention and solving environmental problems. During 30 years’ activism, the organization raised activists for a healthy environment.

Completing the first mission

The organization has developed, become more organized and shown concrete results. Completing the first mission in the fight against pollution from the Smelter-Topilnica (the largest pollutant) in the period from 1989 to 2003 was our biggest success. Our activism developed as constant resistance to pollution. It began with dozens of people, for 20 years, becoming involved in a massive resistance, supported by 20,000 inhabitants of Veles.

Mission and strategic priorities

In accomplishing our mission and strategic priorities, we are educating and raising awareness of food producers (farmers), citizens, and youth from the Municipality of Veles. Through networking with civil society organizations, we exchange experiences with CSOs from other regions in Macedonia.


This is a mid-term strategy and action plan, prepared by members of an organization, based on findings obtained through daily communication with citizens, local authorities, institutions, other civil society organizations, and other stakeholders. See complete strategy here


tel: +38943233023
email: vilazora@yahoo.com
web: www.vilazora.org.mk
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st. Trajko Panov no.22
1400 Veles

Working hours:
Mon-Fre: 10:00 – 17:00