The last experimental period presented new results from decontamination of soil regarding project for bio-remediation; which E.A.”Vila Zora” has been, together with experts from “Faculty from agriculture and food” from Skopje, working to decrease the amount of heavy metal pollution in the soil.


New results have shown 40 cm deep in the soil, concentrations of Cd are 8,71mg/kg(concentration in non decontaminated soil is 38,82mg/kg). This means that concentrations of Cd were decreased by 77,57%.

Concentrations of Pb are 340,50mg/kg (concentration in non decontaminated soil is 619,00mg/kg) meaning there was a decrease of around 45%. Lastly, concentrations of Zn are 401,00mg/kg (concentration in non decontaminated soil is 945,50mg/kg), showing decrease of around 57,6%. The results went beyond all expectations.

Last year we sowed oil seed rape which we expect to big strongest bio-remediator of soil. That plant may also be used for production of bio-fuel.

PrimarySchool “Vasil Glavinov” -total heavy metals in



Во cm

Cd mg/kg Pb mg/kg Zn mg/kg
0 – 40/2006


0- 40/2008










Project was supported by Foundation pour una Terra Humana

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